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Would you like to make funded Internet Security Training available to the parents in your school?

Internet Security for children is something that is always of utmost concern to schools and parents. ICS Skills' aim is to enable your school to offer relevant Internet training to parents, at no cost to the school, rather in a way that the school should be able to benefit financially from offering the training.

These beginner's Internet 4 x two hour courses have been funded by the Dept of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources through the Benefit 4 Scheme, The Benefit 4 Scheme has funded 20 training projects run by community and voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations, including ICS Skills, across Ireland. As part of ICS Skills Get Ireland Online contribution to the Benefit scheme, ICS Skills aims to provide 1,000 parents with basic Internet security skills that will help them to protect their children against, amongst other things, viewing unsuitable content and cyber bullying.

The aim of this scheme fully supports the establishment of a working group by Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn, TD, on tackling bullying in schools, including homophobic bullying, cyber bullying and racist bullying.

Course topics will include:

  • How to add parental controls
  • How to limit the amount of time children can spend on the computer
  • Viewing Internet history
  • Blocking certain websites
  • Social Media – Facebook
  • Create and send emails
  • Shop online

ICS Skills will provide the following to support you with the training:

  • An editable flyer/poster to help promote the course
  • An electronic version of course notes
  • A fully automated simple-to-use administration system
  • An editable press release for local press
  • A certificate to any participant who completes the course

Essential Information:

  • Courses must start as soon as possible
  • Classes can be run on a once-a-week basis or over 4 consecutive days/evenings
  • ICS Skills will accept schools to enrol onto the scheme on a first-come-first-served-basis

If you would like to make this scheme available to the friends and families of your pupils and at the same time raise some much needed cash for your school, please email for enrolment details or call 01 237 7723.

About Get Ireland Online

Operated by ICS Skills, the Get Ireland Online campaign is intended to help everyone share in the benefits of online technology. In particular:

  • To inspire more people to engage with Information Technology
  • To encourage people to go online and reward them for doing so
  • To support those who need a helping hand

Courses are running in locations nationwide and new locations are always welcome. If your community is interested in offering this funded training please contact us at: